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Form 9

Topic: Dress Code

Check the answers WB p 20 -23 ex 5,7

  1. TB p 24 ex 1 orally
  2. Read: TB p 24-26. At the same time complete TB p 27 ex 5. Write the words down. Example: unsuitable = unacceptable
  3. After that TB p 27 ex 4 a,b: write the answers down
  4. Then WB p 19 ex 3. Answer the questions yourself and write down the answers.  
  5. Complete some parts of the worksheet:

1) Comprehension (read and decide if the sentences are true/false/not stated (informatsioon puudub). Correct the false statements by writing them down correctly.

2) Vocabulary

3) Grammar: reported speech (only the first part)

6. Go to Quizlet and practice the vocabulary till the bell rings.  

Join the class:

Homework: WB p 27 ex 6 (in written form)

If you manage to do everything and are bored, then you can do some exercises of your own choosing from the round up unit 5. Everything there is for revision.

Test on Unit 3-4 will be on Tuesday the 19th. Specific info can be found in eSchool. Topics: so/such; if/unless; used to/would; passive (umbisikuline tegumood)



Form 5

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